Class Java


public class Java
extends java.lang.Object

This wrapper class defines classes that represent the elements of the JavaTM programming language.

Notice: "JLS" refers to "The JavaTM Language Specification, Second Edition".

Inner Class Summary
static class Java.AmbiguousName
          This class is special: It does not extend/implement the Atom subclasses, but overrides Atom's "to...(
static class Java.ArrayAccessExpression
          This class implements an array access.
static class Java.ArrayInitializer
          Represents a JavaTM array initializer (JLS 10.6).
static class Java.ArrayType
          Representation of a JavaTM array type (JLS 10.1).
static class Java.Assignment
static class Java.Atom
          Abstract base class for Java.Type, Java.Rvalue and Java.Lvalue.
static class Java.BasicType
          Representation of a JavaTM "basic type" (obviously equaivalent to a "primitive type") (JLS 4.2).
static class Java.BinaryOperation
          Representation of all non-operand-modifying JavaTM binary operations.
static class Java.Block
          Representation of a JavaTM "block" (JLS 14.2).
static interface Java.BlockStatement
          Base of all statements that can appear in a block.
static class Java.BooleanRvalue
          Base class for Java.Rvalues that compile better as conditional branches.
static class Java.BreakableStatement
          Base class for statements that can be terminated abnormally with a "break" statement.
static class Java.BreakStatement
          Representation of the JavaTM "break" statement (JLS 14.14).
static class Java.Cast
static class Java.CatchClause
static class Java.ClassDeclaration
static class Java.ClassLiteral
static class Java.ClassOrInterfaceDeclaration
static class Java.CompilationUnit
          Holds the result of Parser.parseCompilationUnit().
static class Java.CompileException
          An exception that reflects an error during compilation.
static class Java.ConditionalExpression
static class Java.ConstructorDeclarator
static class Java.ConstructorInvocation
static class Java.ContinuableStatement
static class Java.ContinueStatement
          Representation of the JavaTM "continue" statement (JLS 14.15).
static class Java.Crement
          Objects of this class represent represent one pre- or post-increment or decrement.
static class Java.DoStatement
static class Java.ExpressionStatement
static class Java.FieldAccessExpression
          This class implements class field access.
static class Java.FieldDeclarator
          This class is derived from "Statement", because it provides for the initialization of the field.
static class Java.FormalParameter
static class Java.ForStatement
static class Java.FunctionDeclarator
          Abstract base class for Java.ConstructorDeclarator and Java.MethodDeclarator.
static class Java.IfStatement
static class Java.Instanceof
static class Java.InterfaceDeclaration
static class Java.Invocation
static class Java.LabeledStatement
static class Java.Literal
static class Java.LocalVariableDeclarationStatement
static interface Java.Locatable
          This interface is implemented by objects which are associated with a location in the source code.
static class Java.Lvalue
          Representation of an "lvalue", i.e. an expression that has a type and a value, and can be assigned to: An expression that can be the left-hand-side of an assignment.
static class Java.MethodDeclarator
static class Java.MethodInvocation
static class Java.NewArray
static class Java.NewClassInstance
static class Java.ReferenceType
static class Java.ReturnStatement
static class Java.Rvalue
          Representation of an "rvalue", i.e. an expression that has a type and a value, but cannot be assigned to: An expression that can be the right-hand-side of an assignment.
static interface Java.Scope
static class Java.Statement
static class Java.SuperclassMethodInvocation
static class Java.SwitchBlockStatementGroup
static class Java.SwitchStatement
static class Java.SynchronizedStatement
static class Java.ThisReference
static class Java.ThrowStatement
static class Java.TryStatement
static class Java.Type
          Representation of a JavaTM type.
static class Java.UnaryOperation
          This class implements the unary operators "+", "-", "~" and "!".
static class Java.VariableDeclarator
static class Java.WhileStatement
Field Summary
(package private) static java.lang.String cvs_header
Method Summary
(package private) static void ()
(package private) static void ()
(package private) static void dup(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute, IClass type)
(package private) static void dup(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute, int n)
(package private) static void dupx(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute, IClass type, int x)
static boolean isWideningPrimitiveConvertible(IClass sourceType, IClass targetType)
static java.lang.String join(java.lang.String[] sa, java.lang.String separator)
static boolean tryIdentityConversion(IClass sourceType, IClass targetType)
          Implements "identity conversion" (5.1.1).
static boolean tryWideningPrimitiveConversion(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute, IClass sourceType, IClass targetType)
          Implements "widening primitive conversion" (5.1.2).
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Field Detail


static final java.lang.String cvs_header
Method Detail


public static boolean tryIdentityConversion(IClass sourceType,
                                            IClass targetType)
                                     throws Java.CompileException
Implements "identity conversion" (5.1.1).
Whether the conversion succeeded


public static boolean isWideningPrimitiveConvertible(IClass sourceType,
                                                     IClass targetType)


public static boolean tryWideningPrimitiveConversion(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute,
                                                     IClass sourceType,
                                                     IClass targetType)
                                              throws Java.CompileException
Implements "widening primitive conversion" (5.1.2).
Whether the conversion succeeded

static void ()

static void ()


static void dup(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute,
                int n)


static void dup(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute,
                IClass type)


static void dupx(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute,
                 IClass type,
                 int x)


public static java.lang.String join(java.lang.String[] sa,
                                    java.lang.String separator)