Class Java.Lvalue

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Java.AmbiguousName, Java.ArrayAccessExpression, Java.FieldAccessExpression
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public abstract static class Java.Lvalue
extends Java.Rvalue

Representation of an "lvalue", i.e. an expression that has a type and a value, and can be assigned to: An expression that can be the left-hand-side of an assignment.

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Constructor Summary
protected Java.Lvalue(Scanner.Location location)
Method Summary
abstract  void compileSet(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute, IClass valueType, java.lang.Object optionalConstantValue)
          Generates code that stores a value in the Java.Lvalue.
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compile, compileBoolean, compileContext, compileGet, compileGetValue, getConstantValue, getNegatedConstantValue
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getLocation, getType, isType, throwCompileException, throwParseException, toLvalue, toRvalue, toType
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Constructor Detail


protected Java.Lvalue(Scanner.Location location)
Method Detail


public abstract void compileSet(ClassFile.CodeAttribute codeAttribute,
                                IClass valueType,
                                java.lang.Object optionalConstantValue)
                         throws Java.CompileException
Generates code that stores a value in the Java.Lvalue. Expects the Java.Lvalue's context (see Java.Rvalue.compileContext(net.janino.ClassFile.CodeAttribute)) and a value of type "valueType" on the operand stack.

If optionalConstantValue is not null, then the stack top value is identical to it; this allows for "primitive constant assignment conversion" (JLS 5.2).